Key to getting more business online

Today we have a trick that may give you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to grabbing those leads from the internet.

One of the biggest factors when deciding on any purchase for consumers is price. The problem is that in many industries price is often hidden in an attempt to get customer’s to reach out to find it, or because they don’t want to scare people away, or they don’t want competitors seeing their rates. It could also be that it’s simply too hard to give a price because of the unique situation of every purchase. Lakewood Family Dental¬†is a dentist that we think does a good job with their online presence. We believe that providing price on the website can be an advantageous move for online businesses.

We are going to dispel some of these objections in this post.

1.  Scaring people off with prices

Well, they are going to have to find out at some point. Their price ceiling is going to be the same if you tell them straight away or if they have to call and ask. You can defend your rates and answer common objections on the site as well. It can also save time by not wasting it on unqualified leads.

2. Don’t want competitors seeing rates

Most services tend to differentiate by quality of work and customer service. People know that shopping around for the lowest rate will probably not end well.

3. Hard to give a price

Yes, there are definitely unique situations that come up where it can be hard to estimate a price for a job. BUT, you will have tons of common jobs that you do all the time where you know how long it will take and generally what the expenses will be.