Ways to Cut Cooling Costs

With money being tight in this economy, many people are looking to cut costs in any way possible. Depending on where you live, summer can begin in April and last until October. With many of us preferring the temperature of our house to be mild, constantly running your AC unit during the hot months can become expensive. We wanted to share a few ways to help you keep those cooling costs down.

1. There are things on a personal level that can cause you to feel warmer and want to crank up the AC. Staying hydrated is key, and many of us do not drink enough water. When it is hot, we sweat out a lot of fluid that’s keeping us cool. In addition, eating cool can help keep the house cool. Instead of firing up the oven or stove that will heat up the house, a salad or deli sandwich can serve as a great meal.

2. Window covers are a great way to keep the heat out. Think of the reflectors that people use over their windshields of cars; The window cover is doing about the same thing, keeping a lot of sun out that would otherwise be heating your home. Also consider using small fans. Although they’re not as effective as an AC unit, they will not cost as much to run and they offer a nice airflow.

3. Check everything on your air conditioner unit and adjust your thermostat at different times of the day. A poor filter can cause it to run less efficiently, leading to higher costs. Turning your thermostat up to 80 at night or when you go out during the day, when you don’t really need it to be really cool, can also help create savings.

A lot of the time cold weather has to deal with improperly maintained roofs or windows.  For an inspection in Bloomington, IL visit Keith Miller Roofing & Remodeling for more information.